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Revolution in Furniture Technology - Standard Kitchen Units

Kitchen furniture technology has been completely revolutionized when it comes to Standard Kitchen Units. KitchenIn presents to you the entirely new concept in kitchen cabinets – the ClicBox kitchen range technology. With the patented UNICLIC technology your new furniture just clicks together! Welcome to the modern, easier way of living, which contains even more style and comfort than before! Your new kitchen unit will be assembled under less than 5 minutes and it is so easy, you can do it yourself, just like a puzzle! We give you technology and materials you can trust to last you much longer because they are 5 times more stable!

Fast and Easy!

Your new kitchen unit is constructed from 18mm MFC with a solid 8mm back, meaning it won’t break that easily! And the best isn’t finished yet! The assembly of the Flat Pack Kitchen Carcasses we provide does not require any tools, glue, or fittings. You just click it together and can disassemble it anytime you need it. This also means that you don’t need to buy any other parts for putting it together! Fast, clean, and easy! You will have your new standard kitchen unit in no time!

Just Click It Together

All of our products from the kitchen unit list are always in stock and as soon as they are ordered will be dispatched within 48 hours. This means that wherever you are in the UK your new standard kitchen units will be in your home within a week! And the best for last is the fact that all of our kitchen units are available in any design of our whole range! You can choose from 1280 beautiful, stylish, traditional, luxurious designs to give your home the comfort and functionality that will work best for you! Just click it together and you are ready to go! 

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